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  Painting on Rusted Steel

How to get a paint system on weathered steel, every steel boat owner should view this.

 Installing windows 

The modern method of installing windows and how to achieve a pro finish.

 Build a catamaran A feasibility discussion. And  TCP builds a cat! Full gallery and log. Every win and all the problems building a cruising cat

 Computer Tips for US!

How to size and send photos, attachments & more, plus how to maintain it

 Rigging Adjustment and Maintenance

A step by step guide. Every sailor should know this.

 Steel Boat Repair!

Or why I don't trust surveyors. See how bad it can be and how it's done.

 Know your VHF

Simplex and Duplex explained with printable charts. Every boaty should know this.


The Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System, how it works.

 How is a Life Raft Serviced?

See what and how it's done.

How to Patch a Round Steel Hull

 How to eye splice double braid rope.

Several methods starting with the easiest to learn. You CAN do this.

   How to clean your diesel fuel

A way to maintain your fuel with salvage parts, a jar and a fitler

 Driveline maintenance, repair and alignment
What you will find here are a selection of technical articles published by The Coastal Passage. TCP is mostly about story telling but this section is in recognition that you have to keep the boat floating and know how to keep cruising on a limited budget. That means being self sufficient whenever possible and knowing how to properly use your gear. The VHF article above, is one that most boaties that use VHF should copy and post at their nav station. Do not be ashamed for not knowing the 'simplex' facts... you would be amazed at how many professionals have asked for copies of the article.