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 How to adjust size and email photos for computer novices!

Photos for publication usually need to be a little larger than the default setting that many people know how to use, or too large for the service available. Here are a couple of ways to make the pics the size you want using programs that are normally included with your Windows XP or MS office. If you want to send photos full size see the this page and attach same as a word document. TCP Does NOT recommend the "free" photo programs that are so common. They are often a spyware risk and actually less functional then what you already have.

 For an explanation of what all the terms mean like pixels and file size, kb, meg, jpg or whatever... click here. It really isn't that hard.

 Go into your "documents" file to retrieve your pics, or whatever folder you have saved them in. These files usually default to icons and I like to look at the thumbnails instead so here is how to change the "view" of your folder. Left click where indicated.

If you don't have the "Tasks" tool bar on the left of your screen as shown in this photo, then proceed to the next image below.

Now left click on the photo you want to send to select.

If you want to select more than one, hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard down while you click on each one you want to select.

Next left click where indicated by the red arrow.

 If your program is configured so the "tasks" tool bar isn't on your computer you can go about sending this way...

Select one or multiple images (press "Ctrl" key as you left click on each photo) and then right click on the photo or any one of multiple photos, and click on, Send To>Mail Recipient. Then proceed to next step.

 This screen comes up and gives you the choice of very small or full size. Since many boats are using a mobile phone to transmit, a full size can be prohibitive of transmit cost/time whilst the default smaller size is too small to use in print but for normal mailing and sharing of photos the small size should suit but for other uses where a little bigger size is needed, left click where indicated

With this screen you can select larger sizes. The numbers they show are pixel widths.  The pixels are the individual small dots of colour that make up a digital image. The largest of this range can make a size usable for some features where the photo print size isn't too big. So, select the size you wish and click "OK".

 Then a window will pop up with a ready to send email message with your photo(s) attached. Click on the little address book on the left or manually type in the address and then put in your text below. You can select and delete the text that comes as a default on the screen. Note that the photo is about 100 kb. The default setting for this photo would have been a quarter of that size.

 A note on the process above... if you want to downsize photos for something like a web page, here is an easy shortcut. Select all the photos you want to resize and then select, "email this file" and then insert a bogus email address in the "to" bar and save in "drafts by clicking the red exit button. Once in drafts you can save the photos where you wish. This not only reduces the physical size but "compresses" the photos, further reducing the "file size".

Now follows instructions on two programs that can resize photos easily. If you have windows, you will have at least one of them.

 Microsoft Paint. Right click on the photo in your documents and select ; open with>Paint. (see below left) With your photo opened in the program click on "image>attributes" and the box at left will pop up. Choose the units preferred. (suggest pixels) and replace the number highlighted and insert the desired number and hit OK then save. The height will adjust automatically with your width adjustment.

Microsoft Photo Editor

To access the program, go into the file in your "documents" and RIGHT click on the photo and proceed as indicated by the arrow. Click on "Photo Editor". This program comes as part of the older MS office suites. Still a common program and useful.

 Your photo will open in a new window, click where indicated.

 Then a small window opens on the screen. Under "units" I recommend "pixels" as it makes easier sense to me, but you can select cm or inches. This photo was 2500 pixel width and I've scrolled down the control to 1500 which will make a photo about 300 to 500 kb which is very useful for TCP and still not bad to send. You can use the "%" option to adjust also.

 For sending photos to TCP please do not crop. that's my job! But if you do want to for something else this program can do it. If you noticed the image above for resizing, it also had a button for "crop".. don't do it! There is a much better way. Click where indicated by the red arrow. Then..... see below;

 Now take the cursor to one corner of the area you want to crop, left click and hold as you drag the cursor across diagonally and then release. You can now grab corners or sides and fine tune your crop, then RIGHT click in the crop area and this screen will come up and click where indicated by the red arrow. Everything outside the box will disappear.