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 Here is your step by step guide to attach documents to your email from a windows computer.
   First start your email program and set up a new message. Click on the paper clip icon.
   A small window will pop up. It will generaly open to the place it was last used but if you haven't used it before it could look like this. If you save your document on your desk top, so they are visible on your main screen, they will show here. Most people store their documents in "My Documents" folder so double click where the red arrow points....

 Click on the "slide bar" where the arrow is till your intended document appears on the screen..


If you have saved the intended document inside one of the folders shown on this screen, just double click on the folder and it's contents will be revealed. Then continue with the steps below.

  If you have more stored in the folder you are looking through, than will show at first you can click on the "slide bar" and scroll across the field to look for the one you want. Stop when you see the one you want.
   Now click on the document to select it and then click on the "attach" button as indicated. As you can see, this can be used to attach any type of file you have, including images but because images can be huge files and cumbersome to send, I will do another page on the specialty subject.
   And there you are! Ready to hurl your insults where ever the web will take you. Click on send.


What if when you opened this little window it opened to a folder within "My Documents" instead of the whole field? Click on the "up folder" button where indicated and that will bring you up, step by step, to where ever you want to go. Then carry on when you spot the document or folder you are looking for.