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Since first publishing my new technique a couple years ago a few "professional" riggers have been critical in a way that seems to be attempting to protect their vested interest in keeping the market ignorant and willing to pay them money for doing something that anyone can learn how to do. TCP is abouts facts... so here is the test...



 The mission was to put a Norson Splice on one end of a line and a Norson Double on the other end to test which would fail first or whether the line would go before either of them.. The first attempt immediately below, failed to break anything. It took acquiring an accomplice of destruction to helm the van to make it finally work. So keep scrolling down for the fun....
 AND PLEASE NOTE; the tow ball's are not the safe tow point for retrieving a car. They were used here with caution because the shape was similar to a block so best imitated actual use on a yacht.
 The one ton van has the parking brake on and large bricks behind every tire and shoved hard in place. The CRV is backed off and then floored!!!!!!!!!
 I really thought I had given it enough to break something but no damage at all. Examination of the splices showed that they not only took it but were looking better!
 So nothing to do but do it again but this time a bit more slack in the line so the snatch is more powerful.

 The shock felt inside the Honda was extreme but I just couldn't do it.
 These are the loops used on the test line. The rope was stiff and thin from the strain. The inside of the loops was smooth and hard like the cover melted and glossed over but after working the rope a bit it's flexibility was restored.

 Johnny Cadwallader, well known multihull sailor, happened to stop in for a visit with partner Fran and when offered the opportunity to participate in an act of destruction, fell right into the mission.. This time a few hundred pounds of weight was added to the van and and we would have a driver in both vehicles. Still it took a couple tries and there was some concern about the safety of the equipment but hell, this is science!
 Having more power and traction, the honda pulled the van back but eventually we were able to break the line. SO.... Where Did it Break????????????

 It Broke just beyond the Norson Double Splice... an inch or so past it..

 And the opposite end? The Norson splice. The simplest, fastest, easiest splice that anyone can learn. No damage of any kind. Still as supple and and tidy as before.
 This is a close up of the actual break. The cover and core broke about 2 inches or 50 mm from each other. The lump in the core in the strand pictured below is the last bit of the buried section of the norson double splice.

 In this photo I have cut away the cover to see what the break looked like. The cover was actually stuck to the core and had to be pulled away. It appeared the two layers were welded by heat.
 And to those marina layabouts and forum heroes that critisise anything new... I like what I've done a lot better than what you haven't done! If anyone out there really knows a better way then please send me the explanation and photos or drawings or whatever, to illustrate the method so that I can post it to the web and credit you for it. You will have all our thanks. This is not about money or ego, this is about making sailors more self sufficient and that is a good thing.