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 The selection below is most of the articles printed in TCP on the marine sewerage laws. From scientific reports to cheap ways to try to comply.. to... well... the ridicule the mess deserves!

For a view of the law goto "The Poo Police Patrol our Passage" for the science see "The Real Scoop.." for information on boardings see "Your vessel is your Home" for a perspective of the boating expert see "Poolution solution" the view of an environmentally aware boaty is "Sealed Waterproof Bathers?" and just the facts see "Lets be honest." And to balance the work with some whimsy.. see "The Poo Police of the Whitsundays!" Just click on the article you wish to peruse.

The poo police patrol our passages, TCP # 7

 Poolution Solution from .......TCP # 10
The Poo Debate! from TCP # 15

  The real Scoop on Poop, The government is wrong # 12

Your Vessel is Your Home,What to do... from TCP # 16 
  The Poo Police of the Whitsunday's from TCP # 8
  Holding tank for $50? No Way!!  Sealed Waterproof Bathers? A new law?! From TCP # 14  Lets be Honest! A look at the facts. from TCP # 14