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 Contentious Issues!
 This area will be reserved for material related to contentious issues that effect the boating community. Either as information, opinion, proposal to affect change or just a plain, good old fashion ridicule of the idiots that be!

Customs Issues

A collection of articles, reports and letters outlining the difficulties boaties have with this agency


Marine Safety Queensland, a collections of issues relating to this agency

 Green Fraud

How the green movement and you can be decieved by the Green Industry

Your Vessel is Your Home!

The article by Chris Ayres that reveals the truth about whether or not an officail has the right to board your vessel.

 Your Rights on Boarding and Defending your Home

A discussion on legal information and research that you may want to know about if you are confronted by the watercops

Anti-Green Fraud

How The Alliance of Coal, Oil, Government, Media and Google are Feeding You ‘Manure’ And Keeping you in the Dark


How Austrlain Media is distorting and propagandising the Climate change debate


When Australian Quarantine Service, (AQIS) announced this new protocol, TCP asked for and received the research the rules were based on and found some surprises.

 The Poo Pages!

A collection of the articles that exposed Queenslands Marine Sewerage laws for the stupidity that they are and that changed enforcement overnight.

 License to Print Money$$

A brilliant article by Alan Lucas that points out the inequalities of the boat licensing scam

 Boaty Justice, the Poster

A printable poster pointing out how crazy the boating laws are in an appeal to the broader public and elected officials. PDF 65KB

 Coal Mining Waste Water

The hidden massive use of our water and the devastation left behind for future generations to clean up. The real cost of the coal boom.


Bureaucracy gone mad. One example of how Customs has abused and alienated the boating community and written in light hearted style.. somehow

Marine Safety Queensland, The Law.

This is a PDF download of the actual regulations. If you keep a computer on board you should have this in it. 1.1 meg