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Beware the Green Machine! A review of what was assumed to be a video about shipwrecks.

Who Exactly is "The Foundation for Ocean Research"???

 Has the green movement been high jacked? See bottom of the page for more on who.. and maybe why.

Below are photos and text from a video that purports to be about "Shipwrecks" but is instead a pitch for "Undersea Sanctuaries". Immediately below are photos of the flash box it all came in and the first pages of a booklet that comes with the package.

First of all, please note the paragraph on the above photo. "The case for undersea sanctuaries".

These shots are just as they appeared on the TV. The introduction at left.

And the grand shot of their research vessel.

The leader with the sextant shot... Very nautical!


There was much consulting done with the woman in the bikini. She must have been very knowledgeable.

Dialogue; "two days ago a fierce hurricane passed through these islands.... one of these wrecks... our Caribbean headquarters has picked up strong evidence that the wreck we are seeking was carrying toxic waste. If something isn't done this beautiful reef below us will wind up nothing but a memory".

Notice the shirt at right.. says "Save the Sea".

 They spot another wreck on the beach but the not the one they are concerned with.

They dive and find their shipwreck... which appears to be a small (40 to 50 foot) trawler??

Dialogue; "there she is, lying in about 50 feet of water... as I enter the vessel, I am unsure of what awaits... the crew walked her decks, only days before.."

 You boaties will see right away that this is an astounding amount of growth for a boat that has been under water only two days!

 More growth on the 'two day old wreck.'...

 Inside the 'two day old wreck'.....

The cargo in the two day old wreck is miraculously clean. Not a spot of sea life on it, almost like it was just put there? Also, it is unusual for containers to be labelled as "toxic chemicals". A chemical container will usually be identified specifically and it's toxicity type specified on a separate label.

 Dialogue: "and there they are, about 18 to 20 drums.. their contents clearly marked... toxic chemicals! If this area were a legal sanctuary, which the reefs should be, this vessel would not have been allowed to pass through here with it's hazardous cargo."

 And here they are shown lifting the "Toxic Chemicals" onto their research boat to save the sea. Notice the handkerchiefs over their faces to protect them from the 'toxic chemicals'.

 Dialogue: "The barrels are washed down as a precaution.." With the sea water they were just immersed in?

 Dialogue: ".. if this were a marine sanctuary, a vessel carrying toxic waste would never be allowed to pass over these magnificent reefs."
 Rating; This DVD was purchased from a local "Big W" store purely on the merits of the container advertising it as a sea adventure and exploration report. The true nature of the content was a disappointment. The material is obviously contrived and may be enough to fool a person with little or no experience at sea and these are the people that will sign any petition that says something like "save the reef". It is the opinion of this reviewer that no high ideal is served by misinformation like this.

 And just who/what is The Foundation for Ocean Research? Below is their web page. A search of Canada's yellow pages indicates that the major business of this company is... wait for it.... shipping pallet manufacturer!