What is The Coastal Passage?

The publication began when Bob Norson had been sailing with his wife Kay, long enough to realise that other publications did not reflect what was really happening out there or the people involved. The image projected from established media was not true to the views and lifestyle of the boating community but rather tailored to the needs of advertisers. Bob suspected/hoped, that boaties would choose content and FREE spirit over shine so decided to try to produce a free newsprint publication.

The problem was he barely knew how to send an email so his very patient partner Kay learned the programs and typed in his ugly handwriting to make the first few editions work. ("Oh come on Kay.. How hard can it be?")

The style of the thing is as an informal conversation you might find at any "sundowner" with a gathering of boaties on a beach, drinks in hand, talking about matters from serious to silly. The paper is now read by over 100,000 people every edition and has improved considerably in quality since it's crude beginings.

The paper is an advocate for boaties rights and prides itself on it's integrity and independence.

The paper is not run for profit as a first priority. It is run for the benefit of the community and hopes the advertisers see the benefit of being associated with a publication dedicated to public service.

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