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 The First Article, TCP # 2

 A Tribute to Andy..

 The Story of Andrew Martin TCP # 6

 The Hickling's Story TCP # 6

 The Will and other Documents TCP # 9

 Andy's last visit to Percy, TCP# 11

 Mick Cotters Story, an interview, TCP # 11

 19 june 08 the decision is in!! Click here for report and actual court document.

 The "Islander"!

 Under New Management!!

 FairFax Media Report Sept 2010

 FREE downloads of The Coastal Passage

 Welcome to the most extensive collection of on-line information of Middle Percy Island in the world.

The facination of Middle Percy Island's beauty is only equaled by the intrigue of it's past and current drama. From Mathew Flinders to the cruisers of today, the Island is considered one of the most remarkable destinations in the world and a virtual shrine for boaties everwhere. This collection covers a selection of the articles printed in TCP on the history of the Island and the politics involved. I begin with the present and let you click through the archive from there.