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  The Coastal Passage Calls BULLSHIT ...
Jan 22 10

So.. they are at it again... last time it was a "conficker Virus"
bullshit and now this.. from an ABC news report this morning..

"Microsoft confirmed last week that a previously unknown security
vulnerability in its IE 6 browser was used in cyberattacks which
prompted Google to threaten to shut down its operations in China."

Now fancy that.. Bigtime Google in China is using an outdated microsoft
browser(current version is #8) on it's mainframe computers... Google, that has it's own
browser and now even it's own operating system incorporating their
"Chrome" browser????

TCP calls Bullshit!!! Google using microsoft software in such a situation is
absolutely non-believable.

And ABC for broadcasting this?? Don't you people check any facts in a press release?? Does this report reflect accuratelly, a genuine statement from Microsoft?? Isn't there an IT pro somewhere on that staff???

TCP alerts computer users that allowing introduction of a program into your computer delivered under false pretences is probably not to your benefit.

Those "news" stories and emails that get circulated, warning of virus attacks are almost certainly frauds to induce users into panicking into downloading spyware to their computers under the guise of "protection".