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 From The Coastal Passage, issue # 16
 John Hitch is notoriously laid back, and bride Wanda is, well... notoriously not! It’s hard to find a harbour that doesn’t have one of Johns “HitchHiker” design cats moored there. It all started years ago, with a mate building a Warram cat that needed a little modifying, John finally gave up and started from scratch.
“X - IT” is a fusion of performance and lazy cruiser. There is no main sail to have to work at.. there are three head sails though, all on furlers of course! The structure is an enclosed version of the fabulous “WIRED.” But where that boat was bucket and chuck it, this is more like a new unit but furnished with whicker couch, bean bags, colourful sarongs and other groovy stuff. John is part of the mulithull revolution that put Australia in the lead we now enjoy and is still making a very individual statement.
 The Harper family! David was an IT guy with a drug company and Allison, a psychologist originally from South Africa. David thought it might be good to go sailing and Allison was keen as well, so.. lucky Natasha and Mathew now call the lovely CT 41 home and mum and dad are teachers as the main cabin converts to a school room daily. All think it is a good idea. The kids learn well and the parents have a life. These two young ones are typical of boat kids which means they are smart, independent and great fun to be around. There are surely many people that dream of doing this but many wait too long or don’t ever do it at all. Kids grow up so fast......
 Don and Vicki are not new to boat building. The Bowen couple have launched two Bob Oram design boats. Their retirement home is the new one and is done very comfy with reclining chairs and other thoughtful touches. The wishbone boom is unusual but it is hoped it will reduce mainsheet load. Don is the sailor boy so he likes to keep it simple and singlehandable (my spell check hates that one!). They will be up and down the coast visiting family before heading off to the Kimberleys next season. I think they will have good company as a lot of cruisers we know are heading that way. Congratulations on the recent launch!
 Jeff Bowers and Christie Weiser left America quite a few years ago and don’t seem in a hurry to return though the Aussie officials seem to have been encouraging them to move along. They were singled out at an anchorage for “on the spot fines” because some of their safety gear didn’t match local standards. With that subject raised and with the radical changes occurring in Australian laws, Jeff came up with a cute story called the “Boiled frog syndrome.” He said if you want to boil a frog you don’t throw him into boiling water cause he will just jump out right away. But if you put a frog into cold water and start raising the temperature slowly..... the frog just sits there until he is dead boiled! ....... anyone feeling warm yet?!
 Robert left Europe in 1979 aboard his Prout Cat and is now on his third circumnavigation. Must be the Dutch heritage! He is an Aussie now and has been here for awhile but the feet are getting itchy again. With twenty five years of world cruising under his belt he should know a few things so I asked a question that had been a matter of contention lately... guns aboard? His answer? He had guns a long time ago but when cruising Europe at the time they were just too much trouble to deal with at every border. He had read the pirate story though (TCP # 14) and reckoned that for that part of the world... he agreed, a shot gun would be reassuring. Robert writes a bit about his adventures, he should take my job, he’s surely better qualified but I don’t know if he would work cheap enough!