Toxic Waste Politics

 Admit it! If you haven't clicked away from this page by now you are a political junky. There is a certain amount of politics that the majority of TCP readers will willingly endure but since I don't know exactly what amount that is, it's pretty risky to put much of it in the paper. But as you have no doubt observed... some does get in. How can it be helped? You would have to have blinders on lately to miss the actions of a crowd of people that seem to be at war with any good idea and out to crush every freedom loving individual. Or so it seems... so here is your play ground. In the interests of free speach, anything goes here. Bruce Wilson is the insperation for this because he wrote a good letter on the state of things that I wanted to print... but simply ran out of room. And Captain Phillip Rudder?? Genius! See "Insights from the Outhouse." Want yours here? Send it in and if it makes some good point and if I think it won't get us both in jail, in it goes!

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