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 The Coastal Passage has recieved more angry letters about recent MSQ policies than printed page space permitted so here is a sample of those...

 Dear Editor,

I have attached a small JPG showing the unfair registration increases and charges inflicted on recreational boat owners in Queensland. They vary from $18.11 per metre to $38.29 per metre, but not relative to length. The government web site states that the increases were necessary to give us more boat ramps, dredge channels and more nav aids. I cant use a boat ramp with my boat and I believe that there are actually less
nav aids in my area as for dredging, where.

According to my local member, Steve Wettenhall, boats under 4.5 metres (65% of boats registered in QLD) are actually paying less registration than they were in 1997, while registrations have outstripped population growth. According to my calculations that means that 37% of us boat owners are paying the major cost of what ever boating infrastructure that the Bligh Government claims to be giving us.

When you add this to the rediculous 15 metre insurance for salvage and cleanup ruling no one will want to come boating in Queensland, let alone be able to afford to go recreational boating in Queensland. This will eventually impact on Boating Tourism, both Australian and International , White Boat Repair Industry and all boating related sales and service industries including Marinas, Slipways etc causing loss of jobs.

I have emailed my local member, the Department of Transport and the Minister for Transport and none have explained the great differences in the cost of registration on a per metre basis, they just fob me off
with the standard answer that the increase is for infrastructure. Perhaps your magazine could ask the question, they might answer the question if asked by the press.

It would appear to me that the Bligh leadership style, both now and in the past (Captain Bligh) has been the cause of mutinous behaviour by people on boats.

Queensland the Smart State, I dont think so.

Don Cortis

SV Loose Goose IV
 TCP note... included corspondance with government and charts and more that are difficult to post on am html page so to view attached material... click here for corospondance and click here for the graphic.