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If this is revealed as a government ordered take down it would indicate a new threshold for government interference in editorial freedom and free speech. TCP has contacted the hosting service involved to confirm or deny the possibility of government inference, but has not received a reply as yet.

 Dec 17 09 The Government has just announced it will introduce internet "filtering" and thats that. An unspecified committee will decide what you may see and what you may not. It may be time to put apathy to the side. This is important. Please read the stories and comments below from a few of the nations best journalists and It industry representatives.

And.. can the government be trusted with his kind of power? Does government have an interest in controlling political opposition on the web? Is there a track record to consult? The answer... ABSOLUTELY! Our Government Caught Out

 This astounding item just in Saturday December 19 09. A site spoofing Minister Stephen Conroy, the author of the proposed internet censor, has been taken down! The site in question is; An alternative site has been established. see which has a page detailing the issue and it's fight with auDA, the organisation that monitors domain names in Australia. In light of TCP experience in getting fraudulent sites taken down in Australia (TCP was responsible for the take down of a phising site targeting commonwealth bank customers with fraudulent emails), It is the opinion of TCP that this action by auDA is extraordinary and smacks of undue influence by government pressure.

 From the ABC website; Green light for internet filter plans.. Click here.. The comments at the end of this article are well worth reading.

From GOOGLE; Google's response to Senator Conroy .. click here original...or here for cached.pdf17kb

From the web blog Simple Thoughts ... Why is Australia joining countries like Egypt, North Korea, Iran and China, in censoring the net? What is happening to Australian democracy with Stephen Conroy’s Great Firewall of China? Where does that put us in comparison to the rest of the world?...... click here..

From web site New Matilda; Are You Ready To Lose Your Privacy? We spend an increasing amount of our lives online where traditional privacy protections fail to cover us. Now governments are getting set to exploit that, writes Mark Newton .. click here..

And more from New Matilda.. This lesson for the Rudd Government is a straightforward one: authoritarian imposition of top-down policy has had its day. Citizens know more about their own communities than bureaucrats and more about society than politicians. This age of ever-increasing connectivity obliges the Government to interact constructively with the community before and during policy development rather than continuing the practice of dreaming policies up behind closed doors and only releasing them for public comment after the decision to implement them has already been made. click here for more..

 And Why it Won't Work Anyway!

How to bypass the filter; Click here... and another feature .. click here...

From CNN.. And finally, for a glimpse of our future.. Click here...