You are sitting in front of an illegal fire, the beach sand covers your feet and you wonder if the stuff you put on for sand flies is really any good but you don't care. The second bottle of home brew has your mood adjusted and there is this sailor that joined your group an hour or so ago. His boat is the small sloop that was there when you sailed in this afternoon, one of only a few boats at the island anchorage. The woman on the cat had caught a good mackerel and had dinghied around to invite the lot to share on the beach and a sun downer. The single hander on the small sloop was telling this great story and the night became one of the moments you will always remember....................

This section features reports of real experiences, fiction and romanticised accounts of real experiences that have been or may be published in TCP. It's all about great story telling and love of the sea. Please note that this material remains the copyright of the authors. Personal enjoyment is welcomed but commercial reproduction is prohibited without permission of the authors. Contact TCP for inquiry.

Regattas and Races


Where are the good places?

Alan Lucas Articles!

A collection of stories from the premier marine author of Australia

 Dramatic Photos!

A collection of high action photos collected from past editions and sent in by email


Peter Utber sails in rough seas off WA with one of the coast's sailing legends

 Now Comes the Storm..

The American vessel "Arcturus" motors into a vicious storm on the way to New Zealand


A small essay by Bob Norson on the debris of our culture as it appears on a windward shore

  Island Trading

Capt. Oddworm's first story for TCP. A brilliant piece on the art of intercultural relations

The Fish... 

Capt Oddworm describes a very spiritual experience whilst on passage.

 Skinned Alive by a Prop!

The gods look after drunks and fools! This is a true story though hard to believe.

 Raising True North

This is an excerpt from a novel that I couldn't put down. A story from a real sailors perspective..

 Passage People

The archive of issues from # 3 to # 38


Stewart and Lilly do battle with the crawlies and somehow it gets very funny and philosophical?

 Bob's Sailing School!

Everything you need to know about sailing. Stuff those complicated books and class's!

 Penis Envy!

Why our MIB (men in blue) from Customs and rest are the way they are. Feel sorry for them because they really can't help it.

  Ballast on the Lee Rail

Kerry Ashwin takes a turn to fiction in this thrilling story of 'going over'.