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More Dramatic Photos

These are disturbing and ugly. I'm not sure myself, if they should be here. It wouldn't take more than a couple complaints for me to remove this page but in the meantime I would rather error on the side of exposure.
The above statement in italics was made three years ago and in that time there was one complaint out of tens of thousands of viewers. You have spoken. Since the page was to be edited, I have taken the time to move the photos to another page and ask that you read these words before proceeding. This is a sailors website. Most experienced sailors know enough to have caution regarding sharks but not all. For you newer sailors or non-sailors about to go on charter, here is the scoop. Never swim in areas known to have sharks at night or dusk or early morning. Any time a shark can't be spotted from the boat and the shark can't really see what you are. Most shark attacks on humans are mistakes, (or so we are told). I have shivered in fright watching backpackers on charter boats in the Whitsundays, splashing and diving from charter boats at late evening in waters I have spotted Tiger sharks the same day.
And how do you know if there are sharks in the waters? Stick your finger in the water and taste it. If it tastes like salt there are sharks in the waters.
These pics were running around the web several years ago and I have no knowledge of where or who and do not represent these as anything but a collection of horror. No inference should be made of accuracy or even relationship between the photos.

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