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How Google has enabled the Australian Government to discredit The Coastal Passage and Bob Norson

I don't know if you readers have the patience to read a history of how this came about but to cut to the chase, Google and DuckDuckGo and others, censor their search results on a paid basis. People, or more precisely, entities, pay to control what you see on the web. It gets worse. Entities create whole websites to present their distorted views and then pay the likes of Google to put them at the top of whatever search they want to pay for.

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For example, in a blaze of real journalism the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper published an exposé on the Australian dairy industry several years ago that revealed a collusion between government and the industry that allowed the addition of waste products, called permeate to be added to otherwise whole milk and still represent it as whole milk or full cream milk. The waste products were from cheese making and other dairy products that would otherwise have been taken to the tip and disposed of. This goes on in the USA too although I don't know if it has been revealed there yet. In a recent search of "permeate in milk" the number one position was taken by an Australian website cluttered with appealing photos of PHD's assuring people that addition of permeate was a wonderful thing that improved milk. Never a mention that it was a waste product. Like an additive in petrol that increased mileage. An extra bonus. Down at the bottom of the search page was the article published by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ok, there is one example. Another way to control information is to develop negative leads on a search for a product, person or publication. A publication website with the popularity of The Coastal; or the name Bob Norson, publisher, can not be wiped off the web without being obvious so the way to go is to fabricate negatives using hired trolls or to cull negatives from otherwise obscure sources by selective editing to present a negative sounding quote from a webpage that is actually positive.

So who does this? Business interests of course, but the really big shot in this kind of nasty business is the Australian Government, particularly the Department of Defence. You know, the people who are 'keeping us safe". This was revealed in the Wikipedea fiasco about 10 years ago when a coder developed a program that would reveal the origin of edits in wikipedia. The DoD was a world champ with over 5000 edits. That was one website and 10 years ago. Imagine what they do now.

The Coastal Passage and my personal name became targets of the Australian government on 17 or 18 March, 2007. TCP had been covering Australian Customs activities that really made the department look bad, the truth was hurting them. I was working on a new edition and using Google to go to The Custom's site on a daily basis to research my coming article. I noticed in previous days that in a search for "Australian Customs" several of the links on the first page were new pages from The Coastal Passage website that were far from flattering of Customs. I remember thinking how pissed off they must be about that… on the morning of Sunday, 18 March, those links disappeared from Google. Not just the first page but from Google altogether or at least as far as I searched back to page 50. Other search engines like Yahoo, Lycos, Dogpile and others, retained the links on page one but such is the power of Google that they too began to fade back due to less traffic. They didn't disappear but no longer up front.

That was the first shot across the bow in a war that continues today and in ways that are more devious and hurtful. But that is another story.

Below is a recent example of false information presented on the web to develop the belief that The Coastal Passage and Bob Norson is irrelevant and unpopular.


A search on my own name was revealing. The obvious bias was appalling but most was subjective so hard to make a case, but this link was supposedly fact based so lets look at facts, shall we?

 This very disparaging webpage turned up on a search for "Bob Norson". I have seen others like this over the years and with similar "Facts". This site is supposed to be a ratings service to reveal the traffic and thus value of other websites.

These are FAKE FACTS!. Please note the daily visitors, and page views.

 Here are the true facts!

On this page of the statistics program on the TCP website are the numbers PER DAY! Over 1,300 visitors per day. About 3,000 pages viewed per day. Well over 15,000 hits per day.

This was a screen shot and not all of the days would fit on the screen.

 Totals for the month of March, 2019. Over half a million hits!

Over 40,000 visits!

Over 94,000 pages viewed!


Just for fun, where are the people that read The Coastal Passage website?
USA is number one, thank you Americans!
Fully 68% of TCP traffic is international.

This one example illustrates the campaign to discourage readers and especially advertisers through fake facts and distortions. Also to defame and discredit me, Bob Norson, the author of most of the news articles that offended the government and founder of this publication. PLEASE NOTE, WHAT YOU ACCESS OR LOOK UP FROM GOOGLE ON THE WEB IS RIGGED. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS ANYMORE THOUGH THE COASTAL PASSAGE AND I WERE AN EARLY TARGET. And as far as "" goes.... is it that they are that incompetent? If so was their incompetence taken advantage of by Google and the government? Or are they one of those sites that purport to be a true rankings counter when all they are trying to do really, is get suckers to contact them to complain and then respond that for a modest fee their account can be audited and refreshed with any number they like really.... Who can blame them. That is how Google establishes rankings. AND ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE; DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF THE"EASYCOUNTER.COM" PAGE DISAPPEARS SOON AFTER THIS ARTICLE IS POSTED, OR IS REVISED USING THE NUMBERS POSTED ABOVE BUT SOMEHOW MAKING THEM SEEM LESS IMPRESSIVE. I expect some kind of reaction. is the cleanest, most honest site you will ever visit. What you see above is all we do for data collection. No individual data is collected and we allow no advertising or social media icons that track you either. If you see a facebook or twitter icon on a site, those icons are probably trackers and will follow you across the web with code now residing in your computer or phone even though you did not click on them. People think they are wise and cynical.... but not near enough.

More fight back soon.


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