Darwin to Ambon 2016 Update:
BareBones comes in 2nd in handicap (catamaran division) and 4th overall!
See the next TCP for the whole story.

Darwin to Ambon 2016 - BareBones is ready...
I scrubbed BareBones's bum Thursday.
Tim, my only crew, will come aboard this morning and then we tidy up and clear out of customs.
Start of rally (race) is Saturday August 13 - a 600 mile offshore race.
We carry more in long life milk than some boats carry in water.
We carry provisions for 6 months of cruising; most will carry enough for 4 days.
We carry two sets of ground tackle. Some boats carry none.
We carry enough in repair supplies and tools to begin construction of another boat!
We carry more in taps, dies and drill bits than some carry in everything!
By now you should be getting the picture...
I ask the other guys how much their boat weights?
They all say 4 ½ ton - whether it is or is not but maybe close as they have a shed
to store all the usual boat stuff here in Darwin. BareBones IS my shed!

AND....BareBones is taking more than our share of boxes of gifts for the school near the
harbour in Ambon. I now share my bunk with them. Everywhere else is full!

Most of the entrants have run this race before; I haven't run ANY race before.
To say we are at some disadvantage is a mild statement... so why?? Why? WTF...Why not?!

Trackers will be on all the boats and will go live Saturday morning August 13:
Go to website: www.darwinambonrace.com.au

Cheers, Bob

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